Kairos International is a Christian organization whose mission is to invest in the soul, mind, and skills of young adults in developing nations. 



To create a world where all young adults, regardless of their circumstances, are shown the love of Jesus Christ and are given the tools to realize their God-given potential.



We believe in one God, manifested as the trinity - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We seek to follow the Lord in our everyday journey, personally and collectively. We recognize the call toward His people, and hold Jesus’ life as an example of servanthood.

We believe that God has created each human life, and loves each of His children equally and unconditionally. As such, we give priority to people before all earthly things including money, structures, and systems. 


We believe that the potential for people to succeed should far surpass the state of their vulnerability, and should therefore be challenged to promote growth. We define success as living lives of worth, dignity, honesty, and joy. 


We believe in the power of healthy relationships and unified communities. We identify with Jesus’ example to live in community with one another. We are called to respect one another in personal and working relationships, regardless of the differences between us. 


© Kairos International

Founded 2018