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Kairos is currently hiring for the position of Accountant

Our operations are located in Mbuya, Kampala

To apply: 

  1. Review the position and qualifications thoroughly

  2. Complete the initial application form below.

  3. Email your CV/resume, and any other pertinent documents to: **Your application will be incomplete without these files.

Accountant Position at Kairos International

The accountant is directly responsible for managing all finance, accounting, and treasury of Kairos International. S/he will ensure that the finance actvities of Kairos will support the organization in pursuing its mission with minimum risk and maximum efficiency. S/he will share in the responsibility for the overall performance and activities of Kairos International and participate in making decisions on material issues. 


Daily performance will consist of: project cash flow management, financial budgeting, monitoring and reporting, ensuring proper use of the bookkeeping system, controlling the quality and completeness of accounting documentation, and compliance with Kairos rules and regulations. 


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PO box 29189

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Mbuya, Kampala Uganda

+256 393 208896


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