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They also mentioned the desire to give someone from the family a gift, and the need to urgently buy medicines, etc., etc. Everything that could be thought of was used, the only thing that was silent about was the true reason OnlineCasinoItaliani.

There were many responsive and sincere guys who heeded the requests and helped Valera. How he dealt with them later, Arkady does not know. It got to the point that his mother came and tearfully asked the management not to give her son a salary.

And Valera, as he walked in a thin blue jacket and a knitted ski hat with the inscription "Dynamo", continued to wear these things in any weather.

Plombir knew Valera as a dealer of the Sovereign casino. He was not at all surprised to see familiar faces in the shack, where he also did not disdain to go. Plombir, like Mazist, according to the latter, "was ready to play even in the 6th toilet cubicle at the Yaroslavl railway station: if only the suit went."

Therefore, when Valera turned to Plombir with a request for a cash loan, Alexei refused, because he saw with his own eyes all the symptoms of the disease. But he offered to play with him, to enter into a share. Valera pushed the remaining chips away from him and with this meager contribution he earned the right to be called a "partner".

Plombir played, and Valera watched. Dealers changed, "partners" moved from table to table, the stack of chips either decreased or increased.


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