With hard work, support, and endless potential, change is happening and hope is alive in the lives of young adults. 

Molly is among the first cohort of Kairos students, who began courses in January 2020. Even with the challenges of the unprecedented pandemic, Kairos continues to serve and support the youth. We are incredibly proud of the dedication and flexibility of our youth, and humbled by the words Molly recently shared of her experience at Kairos. We can not wait to see her climb even higher!


Molly's story: 


Hello, my name is Afoyochan Molly. I am 27 years old and originate from the Langi tribe here in Uganda. Joining the first cohort of Kairos International is one of the things I take pride in. From their hospitality to giving each youth a chance to pursue their dreams makes me feel like this team really believes in me. 


I am passionate about organizing and managing homes and offices. One of my greatest desires is to gain the skills necessary to become a businesswoman, and I knew that the Kairos International program was the perfect opportunity for me to develop those skills. From the onset of the personal finance course, I thoroughly enjoyed actively participating. It changed my attitude towards saving! I attained the practical knowledge of bookkeeping, budgeting, and saving. I was even able to transfer the information I had learned to my friends and encouraged them to start saving as well. 


Being a group of unemployed housewives, we did not have any source of income, but the knowledge and skills I was able to share challenged them to revise their expenditure and we then formed a village savings and loans association. With a weekly fee of 2,220ugx ($.60) from everyone and any additional deposits, our group of 10 has managed to collect over 1,480,000 ugx (nearly $400) since we began in February 2020! This project has supported women and their families by providing loans (at a 10% interest rate) to be invested in businesses. 

In regards to my mentoring sessions, I have been able to find a friend in

my mentor who allows me to share my heart without feeling judged. I am

now able to grow more through sharing and seeking support from my

mentor and friends. Through sharing my story, I am becoming more

confident in myself and this has boosted my self esteem. 


Rather than focusing on the present life challenges and circumstances, I am now able to focus on working for a better future. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity given to me by Kairos International.