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Kairos is a 12 month program, Each month is focused on distinct business concepts, entrepreneurship skills, apprenticeships, and spiritual mentoring. Students are required to commit for the entirety of the program duration. 

Kairos targets young adults (ages 18-25), from vulnerable situations or from circumstances that would otherwise prevent them from pursuing honorable work. We believe this age range encompasses critical life stages that are often overlooked. 


We hold many dreams for our Kairos students, but our one desire is that each student encounters the love of Jesus during our program. We want to create a space where young adults feel unified, encouraged, and equipped to live dignified and purpose driven lives for the Kingdom.

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Kairos seeks to invest in our student's whole self by investing in mentorship, providing business education, and offering skills based experience through a variety of vocations and apprenticeships.

Mentorship is the most crucial 

component of our program. Each young adult is matched 1:1 with a trained mentor. They guide the youth through the program, teach valuable emotional skills, and provide spiritual guidance for those who are seeking it. We 

believe investing in the heart provides a foundation from which all else flows.

Business education is another component to our program. Students are enrolled for 12 months where a different foundational business strategy is covered each month.  These courses involve teaching practical business processes, theories, and fundamentals. At Kairos, we believe that having the knowledge of foundational 

business concepts will not only allow young adults to have a sharper edge when entering the workforce, but also allowing freedom in their personal finances.

At Kairos, we believe that hands-on experience is one of the best ways to learn a trade, gain experience, and develop workplace social skills. For that reason, we offer a variety of opportunities tailored specifically to each student. Our desire is that these placements aid in each student’s overall understanding and knowledge of the working world as well as help refine passions and gifting.


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Kairos' first location is located in Kampala, Uganda. While it is our initial location for launch, we believe that Kairos International is a global vision. Our desire is that Kairos would continue to grow and spread across nations as the Lord leads. 

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