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About Us

The mission of Kairos International is to invest in the soul, mind, and skills of young adults in developing nations.

Our vision is to create a world, where all young adults, regardless of their circumstances, are shown the love of Jesus and given the tools to realize their God-given potential.


[kai·​ros  (ˈ)kī¦räs] noun.

  1. A time when conditions are right for the accomplishment of a crucial action

  2. The opportune and decisive moment

  3. The appointed time in the purpose of God


Faith-based Organizational Values

Kairos is a faith-based organization, established upon the principles exemplified by Jesus—dedicated to serving all individuals, regardless of their circumstances, wealth, or values. At Kairos, we prioritize faith, people, potential, and community (outlined below), engaging in service that respects the inherent worth of every person, irrespective of factors such as race, disability, religious affiliation, gender, language, culture, or political beliefs.

While our foundation is rooted in faith-based values, Kairos is not an evangelizing entity. We neither impose nor coerce religious practices onto individuals, and participation in religious activities or adherence to specific affiliations is not a prerequisite for benefiting from our programs. To provide further clarity, the initiatives undertaken by Kairos do not mandate a beneficiaries adherence to the organization's faith-based tenets.


We recognize the call toward His people, and hold Jesus’ life as an example of servanthood.


We believe that God has created each human life and loves each of His children unconditionally. We give priority to people before all earthly things.


We believe that the potential for people to succeed should surpass the state of their vulnerability, and should be challenged to promote growth. 


We are called to respect and support one another, regardless of the differences between us.

Why Uganda

Uganda is home to 44.5 million people.


According to the Uganda Population Pyramid, 75% of the population falls below the age of 30. That percentage equates to a staggering 33.5 million people.


The average age in Uganda is only 16.7 years old, making it one of the youngest countries in the entire world.


52% of the working population is engaged in vulnerable employment.

38.6% of young adult population are unemployed.


61.5% of youth (15+) who either have no formal education (13.6%), some primary education (38.5%), or their highest attainment has been completing primary school (13%)


According to research by the America Phycological Association, out of the 9.8% of GDP that is spent on healthcare in Uganda, only 1% of that is allocated to mental health


Kairos’ impact over the years:


hours given to mental health support for young adults via mentorship



business classes and practical skilling courses offered through our annual program



of program graduates are actively participating in continued ed, dignified work, or self-employment



Meals provided to annual program youth and their families

Meet the founders 


Nzinga Donovan

Executive Director, Founder

Nzinga Donovan is an individual that is passionate about international development with a focus on young adults from underserved populations. She sees much value in holistic development models that incorporate mental health practices in conjunction with practical skills empowerment. She fully believes that investing in the whole person is the key to creating a more equitable world. With her faith as a guiding light, she recognizes the worth and value in all people, as has been made clear through Christ’s example.

Allison Hopper has lived cross-culturally and served in the international development sector since 2011. She is a devoted wife and mother, whose greatest joy is to serve her family and community well. She holds a degree in Education, with a passion for young adults and orphan care. After moving to Uganda in 2016, the vision for Kairos International was developed alongside her best friend, Nzinga. Allison’s life mission is to see vulnerable youth thrive, fully believing in their worth and purpose in this world. Allison actively serves as one of the co-founders and directors of Kairos, joyfully living in Uganda with her family. 


Allison Hopper

Executive Director, Founder


Kairos Growth Model
Kairos Annual Report 22-23
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