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Sponsor Sessions

Support mental health group therapy sessions

$35 / month supports an individual to complete 12-weeks of group therapy sessions. 

Join us in our goal to empower individuals to be owners of their story, drivers of their healing, and recognize the power of communal assistance through financially providing a youth with mental health group therapy sessions. We would be honored to have you as a part of this movement! 

Become a Monthly Partner

Join our community of givers who are changing lives through the powerful gift of practical and mental health resources! 


By joining our team of monthly supporters, you are committing to come alongside the Kairos team in our goal to transform the lives of young adults, one thought at a time. We endeavor to sacrificially work toward this common mission of seeing the lives of young adults radically changed - and would be honored for you to join us in seeing this come to fruition. 


When you become a monthly supporter, you will receive quarterly updates from the field sharing the impact of your gift.



Coming to see the work of Kairos first hand is an excellent way to get a full picture of all that is taking place in Uganda. We welcome you to come experience East African culture, meet our team, experience our annual program, and be welcomed into a beautiful community. We find great importance in thorough preparation for each team, ensuring that there is intentionality and purpose when on the ground in Uganda. We encourage teams to stay between 2-10 individuals to allow for an intimate and intentional experience, however that number can be adjusted with our partners if there is higher interest. 


Internships are an excellent way to offer your skills in the humanitarian sector and support Kairos using your area of expertise. We are always seeking interns (undergraduate, graduate students, or postgraduate) and professionals seeking to expand their portfolios and gain experience while making a difference.


Our organization offers space for interns in a variety of areas - from mental health to media. Intern and volunteer positions are open to students, mental health workers, business professionals, media and marketing workers, and others interested in using their specified skillset to collaborate with Kairos. 


For more inquiries, contact us



Mental health research is vital to the work we do as an organization. One of our greatest goals is to aid in the crucial need for mental health research within Uganda to provide even more awareness and ultimately access to services for young adults. 

If you have interest and experience in wide scale research, we would love to chat with you! Let's discuss how we can create a healthier community together. 

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