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Our accelerator program is limited to 15 young adults per year, providing an intensive experience that invests holistically in the “soul, mind, and skills.” Our accelerator program began in 2020, and we have since graduated dozens of youth who are acting as advocates in their communities.


76% of our program graduates are still engaged in continued education, dignified work, or self-employment after graduation!


We have served more than 2000 meals each year to our accelerator program youth, ensuring that hunger is not a barrier to success.

Business Education (Mind)

Our business education is tailored specifically to meet the needs of the demographic of youth that we serve. Through the business education classes, youth learn how to manage their finances, market themselves, grow their business, become self-starters, and become hard workers with noble character. These courses unlock endless potential and allow underserved youth to develop themselves intellectually and practically.

Quick facts: Kairos has provided more than 2400 hours of mental health sessions; 79% of graduates have claimed “mentorship was the favorite part of the annual program.”


Quick facts: In our annual program youth are led through 10 courses, with more than 360+ hours in practical business classes

Mentorship (Soul)

Our mentorship program is not just about helping someone through a difficult situation; it's about walking through life alongside the mentee, acting as a pillar of strength and stability. When a youth comes to Kairos for our annual program, our team takes the time to know each of them individually, getting to understand their specific needs. Youth are required to attend sessions with their mentors, engaging in conversations that are aimed toward improving an individual’s overall mental health, emotional maturity, and growing their confidence.

Quick facts: Kairos has provided more than 2400 hours of mental health sessions; 79% of graduates have claimed “mentorship was the favorite part of the annual program.”


Vocational Training (Skills)

It's no secret that hands-on experience is one of the best ways to learn a trade. In the same way, we believe our youth's unique passions and interests should be a driving force in what guides a sustainable career path. Enjoying the work that you do creates longevity. At Kairos, the youth are in the program for a minimum of 6 months before they decide which vocation they would like to pursue. During those crucial six months, our mentors, lecturers, and other stakeholders act as guides to allow the vocation decision to be made with all considerations. 

Quick facts: Youth in our annual program have been trained in 15 different vocational trades over our years of operation.


Victoria Nakazibwe

Class of 2022

Youth Highlight

I was impacted by many things during my time in the Kairos program. As it comes to vocations, I was inspired by a female mechanic I knew in my village. I was filled with passion and interest when I realized she was able to accomplish several tasks that even the men couldn’t do. For me, this drove my appetite to pursue mechanics even more as I realized I could accomplish my goal, even as a female. After graduation, I have become employed as a mechanic, allowing me to earn a living for myself and contribute to my community growth.

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