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“Mental health support should be accessible to all, not just a luxury for some.”


Mental Health Support

According to the Uganda Counseling Association, it is estimated that 14 million Ugandans experience mental health issues. This equates to nearly ⅓ of the population battling mental health challenges.


Mental health support is essential to address the prevalence of mental health challenges and alleviate the burden they place on individuals. 

In prioritizing mental health care, we not only improve individual lives but also contribute to building a more compassionate and understanding society. Mental well-being is an integral aspect of holistic health, and investing in mental health support is an investment in the overall flourishing of individuals and communities.

Our Model

Kairos International’s non-clinical model of mental health support places great emphasis on the need to create strong, supportive, and safe community structures that empower individuals to be owners of their story, drivers of their healing, and also recognizes the power of communal assistance in tackling ever increasing mental health challenges. 

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During our group sessions, youth are led through discussions that help them recognize their value, worth, and capabilities. Our approach highlights an individual's and community's strengths that can be leveraged to support them on their journey of healing and growing in emotional resilience. We support growth in emotional resilience through three distinct phases that lead a person from destigmatizing mental health to becoming a community advocate for change!


The primary focus of this phase is to build trust within the group to allow a level of comfort and freedom.


This phase ensures all members grow in resilience while engaging in collective dialogue and problem solving. Group members will learn the benefits of good mental health practices and become more equipped with the given resources.


In this stage, group members understand the importance of caring for their mental health, have improved their overall sense of resilience, and have the practical tools and knowledge necessary to continue healing and advocating outside of the group setting.

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Sponsor Sessions

$35 / month supports an individual to complete 12 group therapy sessions.

Join us in our goal to empower individuals to be owners of their story and drivers of their healing through financially providing a youth with mental health group therapy sessions. We would be honored to have you as a part of this movement! 


Achan Risper

Youth highlight

I entered the program with many expectations, but I was surprised to find how much I enjoyed each of the mentorship sessions. Through this time with my mentor, I learned to discover exactly who I was and how to prioritize my tasks and goals. I had suffered so much due to a false sense of responsibility and carrying other people’s burdens. This affected me a lot as I would often find myself feeling down for no apparent reason. Constant conversations with my mentor helped me to release my burdens and now I am living happily and more free.

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