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I graduated in March 2023 with a certificate in holistic development from Kairos International along with a skills certificate in auto mechanics. I currently have a part-time job at the nearby supermarket and on the other days of the week, I dedicate my time to practicing my trade.

Through the program, I learned a lot through mentorship. My mentor guided me in managing my time better and making good decisions. I also learned how to set clear goals and priorities which was essential for my development. For example, my mentor advised me to see the value in talking to my friends about my side business creating bangles (bracelets). By taking his advice, I saw growth in my business, and I now have an increased level of motivation.

I also learned so many business skills from the Sales and Marketing course. I learned how to interact and talk to my customers which has helped me market my products. Particularly, I have utilized persuasive advertisements to sell the bangles that I make for my customers.

Through the program, I chose to pursue a skill in motor mechanics because I am someone who loves vehicles a lot. When I was growing up, a car owner once told me that things would be easier if all car owners had the skills to maintain their cars. This gave me the idea of pursuing motor vehicle mechanics and the motivation to tap into my potential as a mechanic. I plan to utilize the skills I have gained to render car repair services to my clients and expand my network by working collaboratively with other mechanics in this field.


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