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I learned about Kairos International at a very crucial time in my life when I had no hope of continuing with my secondary school education. At the time, the COVID-19 pandemic had ruined all my plans of going back to school. My parents had no money to push me further through my studies. It was at this point that I applied for the opportunity at Kairos and to my luck, I was admitted into the program. I recall being filled with so much joy and excitement upon hearing the good news of excelling in the interviews

During the program, I learned so much from the mentorship sessions. Through sharing my real-life experiences with my mentor, I gained the courage to work hard to achieve my goal of becoming a professional barista. I also learned how to be honest with myself. I remember my mentor told me, “You can lie to people, but you can’t lie to yourself.” I was able to reflect on this point and correct myself to start living an honest and truthful lifestyle. One of my favorite business classes was the Marketing and Sales course, in which I learned that the customer is vital to the success of any business. This was a call for me to create good customer relations to help the growth of my business. While practicing my trade, I am keen to pay attention to the customer's needs. As I advance in my skills, I hope to continue earning a living for my future.

I am so grateful to God for the opportunity for me to be a part of the Kairos International program. I also want to encourage youths out there to have hope and take up opportunities available, like here at Kairos International, for them to succeed in life.


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