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During my time at Kairos, the mentorship sessions played a helpful role in my life. For a big part of my life, I struggled with bitterness and hate. Through mentorship, I was taught how to deal with forgiveness and how to let go of bitterness and grudges. I was able to process my whole life journey with my mentor. I have seen noticeable changes in my daily life, as well as just overall feeling lighter and more free.

From the business program, the Marketing, Sales, and Presentation courses were my favorite courses. I enjoyed the lecturer because he was so interactive and encouraging. Through that course, I learned how to market myself. The lecturer made known to me that ‘we not only market products but ourselves too. With that guidance, I learned how to take good care of myself, and it has improved my relationships and interactions with the people around me.

While growing up I was constantly criticized by my own parents and peers. They considered me as someone weak and unable to achieve certain things in life. I chose to pursue my dream of becoming a mechanic because I wanted to prove that this profession was not only for boys. I was also encouraged by a Kairos alum, Vicky, who had pursued the same trade. Her success gave me added hope that it would be possible for me to achieve my dream of becoming a female mechanic. Having now achieved some skills in this trade, my goal is to further my studies. I intend to pursue a diploma in motor vehicle engineering in one of the public institutions after which I will search for employment as a professional mechanic.


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